Social Media Management

Our job is to make your business run with out having to worry about your online presence.

Our job is explained in 6 steps.

They may look simple, but each step takes time and careful planing.

Budget Allocation

First thing is first, after we establish how much your brand will invest in itself, we set a budget for social media ads. After every month you will see where that money went. Budget allocation will affect your Posting Schedule and On Site Content Creation.

Establish Goals

Second, we brainstorm to set goals. Who is our audience or clientele? How old are they and how do we make their lives better? Why do they need our service or product? After this we know exactly how to attack and who to target with ads.

On Site Content Creation and Ads

Third, we set days to visit the location where the brand is located. On these days, we create videos, pictures or even commercials to fill that Posting Schedule with quality content. After this, we decide which content will be boosted or prepped for ads.

Organize a Posting Schedule

Forth, after having all the content, our media managers start working on making our copy's or captions. Special dates like holidays are taken into consideration for Content Creation so we stay ahead of the competition. After this, we sit and listen.

Lead Management

Fifth, we carefully watch for all the comments and respond wherever we need to. Potential clients will write direct messages and we direct them to a brand representative. After this, the month is almost over and we are ready to start all over.

Monthly Report

Sixth, all the information taken from the last month and use it to complement our findings from the brainstorm when goals were established. The report has the money budgeted for ads and all the analytics. After the month is done we go back to the third step, On Site Creation.


More Traffic = More Sales

Following these steps guarantee more traffic and awareness to your brand. This in turn means more sales and more contracts to sign. This is not instantaneous, but after some time, people will start to notice and spread the word.

Quality Content

Quality Content = Respect

No matter what it is for, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Ads or whatever your needs are, we are ready to make your next video production. Our team is eager to start working on story boards and gear lists to make your brand known world wide.

Quality content will separate you from the amateur brands and give you a level of respect no one can deny.

Constant Reminders

Consistency = Growth

The most important part of all of this is consistency. Once the ball is rolling, the online presence should be constant. Being in the minds of the people will help them remember your brand when they need it the most.

We take care of your online presence.

They may look simple, but each step takes time and careful planing.

Website Design, E-commerce and Analitycs

We love building websites. Different businesses have different needs so we make stunning, simple websites for the small business, to elaborate E-commerce websites with unique properties that lets you see how your business is doing online.

Search Engine Optimization

To make you visible online we need to clean up the website and create ways for the brand to have more and more content. This is why its so important to create blog posts and CMS options so that anyone authorized can add content weekly.

Google Ads

After establishing a budget, setting up Google Ads will help people find your brand first. If we make a website about pasta, when the potential client writes,"Best pasta in town" our website will come out on top of the google search.

Booking System

From restaurants to barbershops, we aim to make the booking process for your business so much easier than before. On your website, you will be able to book your clients or let them do it for you. They will even know what dates or times are booked.

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