Meet our team members.

Every single team member has a special talent to add to our expanding list of services.

Alight Strategic

Who are we?

Alight Strategic is a full-stack digital marketing agency with experience in the creation of media content, commercials, E-commerce websites, social media management, social media growth, website and graphic design. Anything from creating websites for barbershops to flying drones in the USBVI for hotel brands. Our team has been working in this industry for years and we have all found a place we love to work in where we feel comfortable saying we want to give our best to brands like yours who believe in what we do.

CEO & Team Manager

Tito Febus

Tito has been working in the content creation business for more than 9 years. With knowledge of IT, Website Design, Social Media Management, Music Production, Video Production, Photography and Graphic Design, he's ready for absolutely any task your business might need.

Co - Founder & Manager

Jayson Sierra

Jayson has extensive experience in the marketing world with big brand names written on his resume. With over 11 years of experience in Content Creation, Graphical Artwork, Copy Writing, Photography, Videography and Social Media Management skills under his belt, you can't get anyone better for your team. (He's ours though, sorry)

COntent Creator and Manager

Harold Camilo

With over 5 years of experience in photography, Harold has created a big community on social media and a wide network. The self-taught photographer has experience in landscape, editorial, lifestyle, and product photography. Today, he inspires new generations of photographers with his skills and knowledge to go after their dream and to discover the magic that lies within the island. This makes him a perfect fit to shoot, manage, and expand social awareness for any large scale or up-and-coming business.

Content creator and Lead of IT

Albert Burgos

With over 17 years of experience in the Information Technology business, Albert can build your website, work on your local network and take your pictures all at the same time. He also makes the perfect social media manager. He knows exactly what to write, when to write it and with what content, to maximize exposure and budget for your ads.

Content Creator

Ricky Santiago

Ricky knows how to make your product stand out with over 7 years of product photography and portrait photography experience. If you see him around, just know, your getting one of the best in the business for your content creation needs.

Copy Writer and Manager

Jaime Ortiz

Our resident hipster stays up to date with social media trends and knows exactly what needs to be said on every post. With over 5 years of experience in the field, he's perfect for any shoot or client that needs his help.

CFO and Manager

Kianna Estrella

Kiki does love you. Kianna has extensive knowledge of every social media platform and as our resident writer, she takes careful note of how each brand is communicating all around the web, from social media post's to the full fledged website, she knows how you should be portrayed and if you write "whom" or "who" on that sentence.

Content creator

Christian Sierra

Our resident barista, car enthusiast and experimental photography mastermind Chris, has over 6 years of photography experience and has extensive knowledge of film photography and the latest and sharpest cameras and lenses the market has to offer. Trust us, you will see him around.

Copy writer and Manager

Kevin Santana

Kevin's multiple skills in the information technology industry makes him a perfect fit with us. Kevin runs our social media wording, scheduling and branding. He also works with our websites and app development. He also tries to look cool in pictures.